34 Types of Hats that Can Change Your Appearance

Wear a hat is the easiest way to make your appearance look elegant quickly. Hats are a choice of accessories that are not timeless and a smart choice for fashion lovers. For those of you who are just interested in this one accessory, you need to know various types of hats that suit your personality and style.

Fedora Hats

This black fedora hat makes you look beautiful
fedora hat accessories if you use a floral dress
floral dress with denim jacket and fedora hat
This fedora hat is suitable when combined with office clothes
if you use a pink shirt and black blazer combined with a fedora hat accessory
casual look on your outfit can be combined using fedora hat
white fedora hat and an extra black bow
Accessories for the fall season by adding a black scarf and fedora hat


At first, this hat was only used by men, but over time, fedora caps are now popular among women with a hat that is more feminine, colorful, ornate, to have a detailed bouquet of flowers. It’s so stylish guys!

Fur Pom Pom Hats

if in the current season is suitable To use a pom pom hat
black knit pom pom hats can be used in winter
if you use a vest with fur material suitable to be combined with a pom pom hat
white knit pom pom hats you can use for head accessories
white pom pom hat head accessories suitable for you to use at work
cute head accessories with white knit pom pom hats
black knit pom pom hats can For additional accessories on your style
light gray knit pom pom hat that sends with coat


Baseball Caps

office clothes to make it look casual you can add head accessories with a baseball hat
by using this baseball you will look casual
This black leather baseball will look casual if you use it
the combination of your clothes like this is suitable if you use a baseball hat
besides using sneakers to make it look casual you can add baseball hat accessories
Plaid baseball hat motifs to make it look casual
Plaid coat and denim pants just give a touch of casual style with baseball hats
all-black office attire can add head accessories using a black baseball hat
black midi dress and brown jacket by presenting additional accessories for black baseball hats


Baseball caps are the most common head accessories worn by men and women for style. This hat is specially designed to provide protection from heat and sun when someone is exercising or doing other activities outdoors. It’s so great!

Beach Hats

white midi dress to combine denim jacket and beach hat for your holiday
if you are on vacation suitable if you use a beach hat
if you have a beach hat you can use then present a ribbon that is circular in blue to match the dress
by using a beach hat and clothes long stripe shirt combined with short lace make it look beautiful
if you are on holiday you should have a beach hat to protect from the sun
if you are on vacation to the port suitable To use a beach hat
white and black with a stripe beach hat motif that matches your outfit
brown beach hat is suitable if you are on holiday using a black dress
beige beach hat with colorful long dress


At first, this hat was the ‘coast guard hat’, because it was used by coast guards who sat on the beach to provide protection from the blinding sun and intense heat. Beach hats are usually made of straw.

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