26 Smart Ways to Wear a Dress Over Trousers

Wearing a dress over pants may seem unusual and not all women daring to wear it. It even becomes one of those things fashion girls do that you may use to feel like you could never pull off. Whereas, it is actually a styling trick that is relatively easy to pull off and practical without any extra effort you can achieve a trendy look. Layering a dress over pants, besides can give you a trendy look, it is also chic, keeps your legs warmer than tights, and make dresses have their cool tomboy contrast when paired with trousers which is very quirky and worthy to try.

Silver dress and navy pants.
A dress over pants for office outfit ideas

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Patterned dress with jeans trousers.
Black sweater turtleneck with denim trousers.
Red floral dress with denim trousers.
Red Polkadot dress with denim trousers.
A colorful dress with denim trousers and sling bag.
Flower dress with denim trousers and black flats.

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Black sweater dress teamed with bootcut black trousers.
Black sleeveless dress with blue-washed skinnies completed.
Black long shirt-dress with black leather skinnies.
Blue-grey sweater-dress with ripped slim jeans.
Black wool sleeveless dress with tapered trousers.
Maxi abstract print dress with black leather leggings.
White sleeveless long dress with matching color skinny pants.

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Flower dress with black trousers and black high heels.
Striped dress with ripped trousers and a black sling bag.
Navy dress with striped trousers.
A flower dresses with black trousers.
Polka Dot dress with jeans trousers, and white ankle boots.
Patterned dresses, sling bag with jeans trousers.
A white dress, sling bag with jeans trousers.
A purple dress, a small sling bag with jeans trousers.
striped dress, high heels with ripped trousers.
A white striped dress, a small sling bag with ripped trousers.

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As your consideration, the key to make it works is by sticking to tailored silhouettes, a shift dress over tailored trousers, or an A-line skirt over skinnies. If you don’t want to look bulky or lumpy, this dress over the trousers is a great idea for you. Basically, you just need to treat the shirt as a dress and just pull it on your pants. If you prefer to wear jeans, then you could choose any dress in any color, since jeans can always blend with any material, style, and colors perfectly. To complete your look, if you want to have a casual finish, simply wear sneakers. If you want to look cool and trendy, choose the ankle boot. For the feminine look, it would be none but high heels. If you still confused about this fashion style, we have compiled some pictures of the gorgeous look of it for you to understand, since we realize that a picture is worth a thousand words. I hope that you can use it as your guide, have fun!

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