27 Cute Spring Outfit Ideas to Try in Pastel Colors

Spring may identify with a colorful outfit and floral pattern fabric. Whereas, if you don’t like something stands out and chooses to have the calm one, you could wear something in pastel color as nobody can forbid you. To be your consideration, if you still okay to wear something in floral, to have it as your spring outfit will be quite pretty since the floral pattern is not only allowed to be applied in colorful clothes but the pastel clothes also have its capability to be drawn in a floral pattern.

Pink turtleneck sweater with dark brown trousers.
Small striped top with a checkered skirt.
Oversized sweaters with light blue trousers.
Purple top with oversized purple trousers.
Pink jacket, a white top with dark purple trousers.
Turtleneck beige with oversized purple trousers.
Sweater with oversized trousers.
Blazers with trousers and handbags.
A oversized shirt with trousers, and a handbag.
Sweaters light purple with purple trousers.
A patterned shirt, pink coat with pink trousers.
Yellow sweater oversized with purple trouser.

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Sweater oversized with grey knee boots.
Pink top with jeans trousers.
Blazer light blue, a white top with berpola trousers.
Long coat green, green top with light green trousers.
A light shirt with dark purple trousers.
A light blue sweater with light purple trousers.
Blazer light blue, blue top with light purple trousers.

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A purple coat, black turtleneck with light red trousers.
White sweater with pink trouser.
Orange sweater with green trouser.

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Black blazer, white top with pink trouser.
A patterned shirt with a white short skirt.
A plaid shirt with jeans pants.
A white shirt with a short floral skirt.
Beige top, a white blazer with jeans trouser.

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Since pastel color is known as any color that has just enough white mixed into it to look pale and soft, you may need to add a more stand out accessories like an eye-catching necklace, earing, or bracelets. Besides, your shoes and bag will be the other factor that completes your look to be suitable enough for your whole street outfit. It is better for you to pick the ones in contrast color with your clothes so that your look won’t look too flat and has a little bit of dimension to make it alive. For example, if you have a grey blouse on a white floral pattern that paired with black jeans, it is better for you to pick a white bag and high heels so that your look will be way better and animate. There are still so many examples of the gorgeous spring pastel color outfit that you can copy. Go get it on the gallery down below. Enjoy!

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