30 Must-Have Office Polyvore Outfits for Winter Style

Working women may find some difficulties on choosing the comfortable office outfits in winter. Because in winter the temperature gets down, they surely need some thicker outfits with heavier material. But, some of them may be worried whether the thicker outfits will keep them stylish and elegant.

In this article and gallery below, we proudly present 30 office polyvore outfits as the part of trendy winter outfits that guarantee you both warm and fashionable. The combination of coat, sweater, cardigan, or blazer with pants, jeans, dress, or skirt will bring a formal look. Thus, get ready to check the pictures out below.

For the winter office idea you can apply layered outfit. Wear your striped shirt and covered with double coats. Combined with tailor pants and some accessories to support your office look.
For chic winter office outfit, wear white sleeve less top and covered with black cardigan are suitable. For the bottom you can pick peach skirt and completed with black suede high heels and leather hand bag.

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If your prefer to choose a dress for your winter office outfit, you can choose a long sleeve midi dress. To warm your body don’t forget to wear a coat. And then to look elegant, you can pick in plaid pattern.
An elegant winter office outfit with white dress and white coat. Combined with nude color of accessories to get a contrast look.
Get elegant look in your office by wearing a white blouse and fuchia coat. Paired with black and white plaid skirt to make your look more perfect. Don’t forget to wear boots to cover your feet and make you more comfortable.

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Simple winter office outfit idea with maroon shirt and pair it with paid skirt in matching color. To make you feel more warmer, knit cardigan is perfect for you to wear.
Choosing white and black outfit for your winter office outfit are very suitable. This color combination can create a warm impression to your look. especially if you choose a black sweater and paired with matching tailor pants. Just match with black shoes and hand bag to attract your office mate.

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Do you want to look elegant? It’s so easy to do. You just need to wear a tosca blue bodycon dress and combined with navy long coat. Completed with matching bag and high heels, so that you will elegant instantly.
A monochrome yet stunning winter office outfit by combining white, grey and black colors. You can wear white top and layered with grey outer. And then apply black color for the pants and high heels. For the last, just complete with grey hand bag and you are ready for going to the office.
Sleeve less blouse and blazer are a good combination for office outfit idea. For the winter season, you can combine this outfit with long pants to make you warm. Completed with matching color of accessories to perfect your office look.
This a common winter office outfit idea but can make you look stylish. All you need to do is juts pairing your long shirt, cardigan and coat for the end layer. And for the bottom you can wear black tailor pants to complete your style.
In winter season, it’s doesn’t mean you can wear your mini dress for office outfit. You just need paired with legging to cover your feet and coat to warm your body. Combined with black high heels and hand bag to get a perfect look.
If you want a classic outfit you can combined beige and black color for your winter office outfit idea. Choose all of the outfit on thus color, so that you will get stunning look kin your office.
Brown and black are a good color combination to make you look elegant for your winter office outfit idea. Pair your black bodycon dress with brown leather boots and another accessories to get a matching look.
Pair your grey sweater with pencil skirt for your simple winter office outfit idea. Combined with furry coat in beige and brown suede high heels to get a warm impression.

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No matter if you want to wear a sleeveless blouse and pencil skirt for your winter office outfit idea. You just need to combine with an animal pattern long coat to get a warm and contrast look.
To look feminine for your winter office outfit idea, wear your skirt and then paired with long sleeve blouse. For more comfortable you can add a long cardigan and knee-high leather boots.
A casual look for the winter office outfit idea can be obtained by wearing black sweater, houndstooth pattern coat and long denim pants. Completed with high boots in suede material to get a perfect warmth.
An elegant winter office outfit idea with navy sleeve less dress and combined with knit outer in grey. Wear navy high heels and completed with navy hand bag to perfect your look.
Chic yet elegant winter office outfit idea with black bodycon dress and peach outer. Combined with black high heel and hand bag and you are ready for going to the office in winter.
Get sharp look in your office by combining red knit bodycon dress with long black coat. Paired with high leather boots to warm your feet.
An easy combination of winter office outfit idea by combining beige sweater, red blazer and tailor pant. To get matching look you can wear brown suede boots and red hand bag. To beautify your look you can wear some accessories to support your office style.
If you not really like to look classy on your office outfit this winter, you just combining a simple maroon dress and grey pants. To give a contrast look in your appearance, a long plaid coat is a good for you.
Wearing flower top this winter, why not? You can wear this top for your office outfit idea. Paired with brown coat and black pants are very suitable to perfect your look. For the proper accessories your pick all the items in black color.
To get a classic and elegant look at the same time, you can combine red, black and silver colors for your winter office outfit idea. Wear your black top and cover it with red coat. And then pick grey color for your pants and boots. For the accessories, red hand bag and silver bracelet are a good for you.
Get a cute look in your winter office outfit idea with neutral color. Wear your peach blouse and covered with knit cardigan in cream color. And for your pant and boots, you can wear in brown color.
For those of you a brown color lovers, this color is very suitable to be worn in winter season. You can also wear this color for your winter office outfit idea. You can pair your sleeve less blouse with brown cardigan. As well as for the color of the pants and accessories, you have to choose in brown color to get a match look.

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A simple winter office outfit idea by wearing a neutral outfit color. Wear your white shirt, navy blazer and grey pants. This outfit will complete if you wear navy shoes and scarf in matching color too. A red hand bag can a sweetener in your office look.
For casual winter office outfit idea, a plaid shirt, black cardigan and brown denim pants are perfect combination. Just completed with brown flat shoes and maroon hand bag to make you look stylish in the office.
White and black are never goes wrong for any occasions. Moreover for winter office outfit idea, it’s so suitable to apply. You can pair your white shirt with black cardigan that have white stripes. And last but not least, black pants and shoes can perfect your office style idea.

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Winter is not a barrier for working women to wear their dress. A tosca bodycon dress proves that you can easily pick it and combine it with a long coat. To get warmer, you may wear black stockings. Then, complete your formal look with high heels and a black hand bag. Additionally, navy sleeveless dress combined with knit outer can be another option of office polyvore outfits.

However, if you want to look edgy with your pants or trousers, it sounds good as well. You know, white and black never goes wrong for any occasions. Therefore, it is possible for you to combine your white shirt with black skinny jeans. Get your knit black cardigans with white stripes. Also, to make a perfect look, a pair of flat shoes or kitten heels can be the right footwear to opt. In winter, you may play with patterns for your office polyvore outfits. For examples, plaid shirt, leopard coat, stripes cardigans, floral blouse, etc. They give a festive touch for your must-have office polyvore outfits this cold season.

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