8 Easy and Elegant Nail Art Design Ideas

Undoubtedly, nail art is loved by every women. Its cute and chic designs makes women get attracted. But, they may be confused on choosing the approppriate nail art for them. As we know, nail art brings artistic touch on women’s fashion. And, it comes with various kinds for short and long nail. Thus, we present some of the designs for you to complete your style everyday.

Marble Nail Art

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This kind of nail art presents an artistic design which is similar to a marble motif. The abstract motifs of marble brings uniqueness and elegance. Moreover, if you look for a design of nail art to glam up your look, this marble nail art is the answer. Also, it is surprisingly easy to apply with DIY projects.

Almond Nail

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Almond nail art becomes popular because of its chic shape like almonds. Women tends to choose this nail art because it brings feminine look combining with eye-catching nail polish color. As well as, it allows you to combine it with matte color, glitters, and rhinestone.

Glittery Nail Art

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Do you want to add sparkling touch on your nail? Yes, this incredible nail art with glitter offers a dreamy luxurious nail art. Furthermore, women who want to look more festive in a party usually choose this glittery nail art to reach a luxury nail art finishing. Combining glittery nail art with glossy finishing seems to be great idea as well. So, try it now on.

Cool Two-Tone Look

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Taking two-tone colors into your nail art design sounds interesting. This cute design is chosen by women for artistic reason. They even do not want to miss their two favorite colors and put them on their nail art two-tone design. Get the two eye-catching colors, such as purple and pink, yellow and blue, or silver and red.

Matte Polish

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In contrast, for those who opt far for being glamour and sparkling, matte nail art offers them a simplicity. The easy look of matte nail art surely does not lessen your whole look. However, the simple design can bring you into elegance and stunning look. You are possible to choose bright or soft nail polish color for this matte design.

Zig Zag Pattern

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Show your creativity and passion of art with this zig zag nail art design. Get the base color first, and you can make a unique pattern of zig zag. Take different color between your base color and the zig zag pattern so that you get a festive look and design ever. Give glitters to glam up the nails. Don’t you think it is interesting?

Simple White Polish with Black Stripes

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Are you the one who keen on monochrome design of nail art? This white polish and black stripes can be your best reference. This nail art looks easy and simple. You can even have your DIY project to do this. Get glossy touch to make a perfect nail art. And, you are ready to go summer day-outs.

Ombre Nail Art

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Ombre nail art is made of color tone gradation. What makes it lovely is that you are allowed to choose and mix the colors that you love. Then, you can take them as gradation. This kind of nail art can be applied for both square and almond nail art, but long nails will get a better look. At last, which nail art you think it is the most beautiful for you, ladies?

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