22 Lovely Glittery Nail Art Designs for A Festive Look

Do you want to add a luxurious touch for your nail art? Glittery style is the answer. Almost every woman love to add glitters on their nail art. This kind of nail art gives edgy look. Also, it brightens up your nail and makes an inspiring nail art design. For summer to spring, short to long nails, square to almond nail art, glitters make a festive look. Below are 22 lovely glittery nail art with its combination to inspire you on a chic nail art design.

Added with Rhinestone

One of the ways to make your glittery nail art becomes more artsy is by adding rhinestone. Rhinestone surely glam up your nail art. Also, it comes with various colors, sizes, and shapes. There are endless designs created from rhinestone for your best nail art design. Simply arrange the rhinestone vertically from the biggest to smallerst on your nails. Then, the days are yours.

Rhinestone nail art combined with gold glitter for long nails will give you perfect nails art and glamour look.
Deep gold glitter in glossy long nails art combined with rhinestone design will give you a festive look
Maroon nail art with purple glittery touch for a glamour and luxurious impression
Silver sparkling nails with rhinestone design for a glamour look

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Blue nail art with glittery, patterned, and pearls design for an amazing look
Glittery and matte nail art with rhinestone accents that brings a festive look for your party
Gliterry nail art with rhinestone accents for a luxurious glamour nails
Square finished nail art with rhinestone glitterry touch to make a perfect look
Almond shape nail art combined with rhinestone and white glitter to make awesome design
Black glittery nail art and patterned designs for a unique touch
White rhinestone design for long nail art idea and silver glitter

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Combined with Patterns

Another way to make a fancy design with glittery nail art is combine them with patterns. Stripes, polka dots, zig zag, abstract, or snowflakes are the examples of patterns you can opt. For instance, gliterry nail art looks simply stunning to combine with snowflakes patterns. This idea sounds good for your Christmas. Get silver glitter for a luxury touch.

Snowflake and candy cane nail art that combined with some glitters
Silver glitters and glossy patterned black nail art design

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Vintage nail art with silver glitters and pink patterned design for a cute look
Zig zag glittery patterned nail art with two color combination for a great look
Gold glitter with v pattern design combine with incredible eye-catching green
Colorful v-shaped patterned glittery nail art which has sparkling style
Black love patterned nail art combined with gold glitters and turquoise.
Emerald glitter nail art ideas for short nails, with v-shaped pattern to make unique yet simple design
Diamond shape nail art combined with glitter for a festive look

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Anchor gold glitter nail art with blue stripe in white base color for amazing look

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Silver glitters to line the three different colors of great nail art design that you may love

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As one of the popular incredible nail art designs, glittery ideas pamper you with various creative pattern and additional elements. Thus, you are ready for having a party or going hang out with your glam look of glittery nail art. Get your desired patterns, add sparkling glitters, and combine with amount of rhinestones so that you get fashion on your nails.

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