21 Elegant Almond Nail Art Designs You May Love

Don’t let your nails be without artistic cute touch of nail art. Because there are hundreds of nail art designs to opt, you can have one to give pops for your nails. One of the interesting nail art designs is almond nail art. It is called as almond nail art because the shape of the nails resembles the nut of the same name. As well as, this kind of nail art brings bright and bold patterns to chic and minimalistic shades. Additionally, it allows you to combine with patterns, matte, glossy, and glittery nail art.


Your almond nail art will look great with patterned touch. It means that you can have some designs on your nail to make it more stunning. For example, stripes or flowery designs will add a pop for your nails. Navy almond nail art with stripes absolutely enhances your summer events by offering simple yet easy design.

Striped patterned almond nails art with great white and navy color combination
V-shaped patterned nails art combined with almond nails design and eye-catching color
Amazing patterned nail art with many unique patterns combination
Almond nails with bright peach and black rhinestone for a festibe look

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Brown and flower patterned almond nails art with glossy finishing

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In addition, glitters are known as additional elements which create glamorous touch. The sparkling look will steal everyone’s attention. Also, adding glitters touch is a way to make your almond nail art more luxurious and classy for a party look. Isn’t it beautiful, ladies?

DIY almond shape nails art with combunation of glitter, marble, and matte
Glittery pink nail art for a feminine look that is very interesting for party
Maroon, marble, and glossy nail art will bring you into a mesmerizing look
Silver glitterry naul art combined with almond shape nails art
Glittery blue combined with baby blue nails art offers a cute and perfect impression

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Matte nail polish becomes popular these years. However, it does not glow, it simply take every woman’s passion. This classy yet incredible nail art designs of matte can be the options of those who love simple look without being glossy. Then, get some eye-catching colors to create more interesting and perfect look.

Purple nail art with matte finishing almond shape
Matte brown nail art combined with marble design that will make your casual look more perfect
Rainbow color nail art with matte color finishing will make a cheerful impression for teens
Matte colored nail art with two colors combination look great for women at any ages
Simple white matte nail art with almond shape that will give elegant look for every occasion.

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For those who are keen on glowing touch on their almond nails, glossy style can be the option. This glossy nail art presents a stylish and classy design. Nude colors are usually chosen for a natural look. On tge other hands, eye-catching bold colors like red, ocean blue, yellow, or orange are chosen for a festive look.

Amazing and elegant glossy light cream nails art with almond shape finishing
Baby pink nail art with almond shape design and will give perfect look yet simple for you to try.
Festive red nail art with glossy touch for a hlamour and stylish look

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Cream nail art with glossy finishing for a natural and simple look
Ocean blue nail art with amazing almond shape and glossy touch for a incredible look
Sweet pink almond shape nail art with beautiful glossy touch that fits for a girly impression

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Well, those are 21 examples of chic designs you may opt for your almond shaped nails. These nail art designs will surely help you yo enhance your look. Likewise, you can add 3D accents, rhinestones, or studs for a fancy design. So, be inspiring and stylish with your great option of almond nail art designs.

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