22 Cute Winter Nail Art Design Ideas You Must Try

To really have the perfect appearance, nail art can be the right thing for you to put effort on it. In this case, since the season is winter, then you can apply the winter theme into your nails. For your example, you can have the snowflake pattern, glitter for the snow falling accent, or certain pattern that can represent the season. Let’s talk about it more on down below!

Snowflake Accent

Not only the common one, snowflake is also really pretty and can represent the season directly without any too much effort. Moreover, for the color used, you can use any color that you love although there are also some colors that mostly match for winter. For example, you can have the blue color whether in light or darn one. Then, white will also perfect for winter.

Clear gel polish with black color on the tip then added with white snowflake and glitter for snow accent.
The blue glittery nail polish applied tilted that followed with white glitter polish then the snowflake applied as the last touch.
Blue nail polish color that simply added with white snowflake pattern.
Such a calm nail polish color in beige tone then added with white nail polish color for the snowflake.
White color polish added with dark red snowflake pattern for the contrast color.
Blue and white are the colors used for this nail art. However, the application of the color combination done in turn for the basic color and the snowflake pattern.
Black nail polish looks really fierce but it could be calm when added with white color for the snowflake pattern.
The basic nail polish colors used here are beige and blue. Then, the snowflake applied in white color.

image source

Glittery Accent

Some people might don’t understand that glitter can give the snow falling effect and not only for the bright effect. Anyway, to really make it matches with winter, you choose certain colors like green or red for the Christmas touches. Then, you can also have white, blue, or light grey for the directly winter touch.

Green glitter nail polish that decorated with stars and red dots to give the festive impression.
White glitter nail polish to be the perfect variation for the red nails.
Gold glitter to combine with the white winter nail concept to give the luxury of the nail art.
Black and gold can be the best pair especially when the gold color applied is in glitter accent that can be really classy and glamorous.

image source

Gold glitter nail polish paired with green nail polish to calm down the gold tone.

image source

The glitter applied into the pastel pink nail polish here is in fake diamond material that can give the shining effect.
Silver glitter here applied into the tip of the nails which bring the special impression as it won’t seen boring.

image source

Winter Pattern

For you who need the unique or cute touch, the applying the pattern is the best effort that you can do. Here, you can try to apply reindeer patter, snowman, Santa, or simply the stars pattern as it will also worthy and familiar for winter theme. Don’t forget to have the color combination not to make your nails look boring.

Reindeer and snowflake are really effectively able to represent the winter season.

image source

Such a cute snowman that painted into the nail will be even more perfect when combined with the snowflake for your adorable winter nail art.
White reindeer applied paired with some unique pattern for each which are really interesting.
The motifs applied into the nails here are the common motifs that ussualy found in any winter decoration. That’s why this brown patterned nail art can match well during winter.
Silver metallic nail polish color added with stars pattern in messy arrangement looks really pretty and cool for winter.
Snowman combined with snowflake in green pedestal look really calm and perfect for your winter nail art.
Look at how unique the pine tree with star as the topper that painted into the nail! In hence, add with white glitter to give the snow fall effect.

image source

It is true that you can have any nail polish colors for your nail art. However, there are also things that you need to consider. It is important so that you can have the proper nail art. Then here, what we are going to tell you is the color combination and the additional pattern that you apply. Don’t be too much because your nails will be tacky.

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