24 Summer Nail Ideas to Copy Right Now

Summer is almost here, and this season calls you for fun nail art that will cheer your moment on some bright colors shades of electric yellow, barbie-pink, crisp white, many more. As you have known that nail art is the easiest way to add a little extra beauty to any situation so that when summer comes around, all you have to do is add some cuteness to your fingertips and bring the sunshine inside. Nail art will become our first port of call this summer. You can pick the one that really fits your sense and your needs correspond to your job or occasion. But after all, from negative space deckchair stripes and cherry prints to rainbow reverse French tips and studded floral stickers, let us talk about the summer nail art designs that every cool girl needs to know about.

Ombre nail art with beads and glitter.
A half-and-half color block nail art.
Metallic colors neutral summer nails.
Palms tree nail art.
Stained glass nail with a summer cocktail in hand.
This swimming pool look is the perfect bright blue base shade.

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Black triangles nail.
Boxy minimalist nail for summer.
Faux negative space nails.
Glitter nail with a classic French mani.
Negative space with painting your entire nail.
Pokémon with these Pokéball nails.
Stars nail with a glossy base coat.
Stripes color and throw them together to make this funky design.
Summer flames nail.
Tropical trees nail with a super quick.

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An eclectic combination of flamingos, cacti, and leaves.
Cutest cactus with a perfect summer-ready mani.
Hawaiian Flowers.
Sparkles and stripes.
This geometric with pastel pieces.
Triple triangles with a zig-zag design.
Two leaf accents, it’s breezy and beautiful.
White polish, clear polish, rubbing alcohol, and a map.

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The first nail art design can be in the mix of primary colors like bright yellow and cobalt blue in different geometric designs for a modern art-inspired manicure. Yellow nails also are known to be the color that is hard to wear, but it won’t be that way if you pair it with a neutral pink. Just try to apply the neon yellow ombre nail and it will make you feel warm and happy. Moreover, since summer is known as the holiday season where people love to wear confetti in glitter over the holiday, just try to make a head’s up with the three-dimensional accents that might not survive a dip in the ocean. If you are kind of feminine girls, hot pink was practically made for you this summer. You can add interest to the feminine manicure by adding a graphic red element to beautify your nail art look. Furthermore, flowers nail art can be a gorgeous one, especially on sunflowers since it can bring the summer vibe to strengthen the feeling of the season while hand-painted sunflowers will look like mini works of art when painted on all ten nails. Look at our gallery and get some inspiration for your cool summer nail art. Get inspired!

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