21 Casual Chic Outfit Ideas for Winter

Being casually elegant is your best choice for winter. Although the weather is cold, it does not mean you cannot be stylish. Also, casual outfits can bring elevated look for you this season because you are free to mix and match the outfits with some winter accessories. Thus, go on to check these 21 examples of stunning and chic winter outfits in casual style.


Adding some accessories becomes something exciting, particularly for winter outfits. Besides, accessories give you a better look and a certain impression. Skulcap, scarf, gloves, earmuffs, boots are some examples of winter accessories that you can have to make you more fabulous. One of the examples is that a leopard print scarf which bring you a festive look to complete your knit sweater and lace dress.

Wearing an animal printed scarf is suitable to get a chic look this winter. You can combine with oversized sweater and white lace dress underneath to reinforce your style.
You can wear a plaid scarf for your winter accessories. This pattern is suitable to make you look chic. You can pair with cardigan and tight pant to feel more warmer.
To protect your head you can wear a knit beanie. This is a winter accessories that can make you feel warm and stylish at the same time. Combine with sweater and ripped denim pant for more warmer.
Get chic and stylish look this winter by wearing a floral scarf as an winter accessories. Paired with peach top and knit cardigan to look fresh.
For suitable winter accessories you can wear a skull cap and gloves. You can pick in same color to get matching look. Combine with sweater dress and legging, so that you will look more fashionable.

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A simple idea to get casual and chic look this winter is wearing long plaid scarf for the suitable winter accessories. You can pink a colorful color to freshen up your appearance.
A fedora hat and plain scarf in pink are one of kind winter accessories that you can wear to get warm impression. Pair with long cardigan and denim pant to perfect your winter look.

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Hoodie Jacket

Jackets are the most commonly found winter outfits. Absolutely, everyone has this kind of outfit in their wardrobe. A hoodie jacket is a kind of jacket with a hood. The hood is used to keep your head warm in winter. Thus, hoodie jackets become the most popular jacket worn in winter for casual style.

To look casual this winter you can wear a hoodie jacket and pair with long black dress. Complete with heels boot to upgrade your appearance.
A casual winter outfit with hoodie jacket and covered with beige parka are suitable to warm your body. Complete with white t-shirt and cropped denim pant to reinforce your casual style.
Wearing a hoodie jacket and army parka are suitable to be worn this winter. You can combine it with black denim pant and white sneaker. By wearing this style you will get a casual and chic impression.
An all-black outfit that consist of hoodie jacket, leather jacket, ripped denim pant and ankle boot are suitable to sharp your look this winter.
A simple winter outfit by wearing a gray hoodie jacket and long black pant to make you look casual this winter. You can complete this style with stylish hand bag and high heels.
This is a simple winter outfit style. By wearing an abstract hoodie jacket and leather bomber jacket you have been created stylish look this winter.
Covering a hoodie jacket with army green parka are suitable to look casual this winter. Complete with a black denim pant and high heels to balance your style.

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How casual your outfits are can be seen from your footwear as well. Generally, there are hundreds ideas of footwear you can have for a pretty casual look in this cold season. For instances, sneakers, boots, slip on, etc. For a day out, pick your sneakers and a black leggings. Then, pair them with jacket and T-shirt. And you are ready to go.

A simple winter style with sneaker and casual outfit. You can pair an army green jacket with gray t-shirt and black legging. By combining these clothes you will look casual this winter.
Wearing a pink shade outfit is suitable to get chic look this winter. To balance your look you can pair with denim pant. A pink sneaker can perfect your casual chic winter style.

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For appropriate footwear this winter you can wear a furry boot. With the fur accent it can give a warm impression for your style.
Wearing a black leather ankle boot is suitable to protect your feet from the rain if suddenly the rain has falling down.
Complete your all-black winter outfit with suede ankle boot to get warm impression this winter. You can complete with winter accessories such as skull cap and gloves for more warmer.
To keep warm your feet you can wear suede OTK boot in black and pair with warm winter outfit. This style is also can make you look casual and chic at the same time.

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Leather ankle boot is suitable to be worn for winter. Because it can protect your feet and and enhance your look at the same time. Choose in black color to combine with all-black outfit, so that you will get casual and sharp look.

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Basically, these casual outfits can be your best references for your day or night outs in winter. For those who love going shopping, just pick your boots and your knit sweater. And then, get your scarf to warm your neck and you are ready for a winter day out. Have a nice winter with a chic and comfy casual outfits.

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