25 Most Trendy and Warm Outfit Combinations for Winter

In December, all corners of the country with four seasons in Europe and parts of Asia freeze because of winter. Even so, winter can not prevent women to look beautiful and trendy. There are a number of clothing items that you can use this winter to look trendy. Of course, without compromising the function of the items themselves as body warmers. The following are items that are suitable for you to use in winter to make you look trendy and stylish.


Scarf is one of them. Although these items look ordinary, in reality these items are very useful. Besides being able to be used to warm the body, scarf also becomes one of the timeless fashion items so that whenever you wear it won’t look old-fashioned. There are various types of scarves, you just mix and match according to your fashion theme.

A burgundy sweater, a creamy chunky knitted scarf and navy jeans.
A grey chunky knitted scarf combined with all-black outfit
A grey outfit with a pleated skirt and a dark grey chunky knitted scarf.
A textured navy coat and a black chunky knitted scarf.
A white chunky knitted scarf over a black sweater and blue jeans.
A patterned scarf, a pink sweater, and blue jeans.
A grey scarf a grey sweater and grey pant
A ping scarf, a brown cardigan, denim dress, and black stocking

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Off-Shoulder Sweater

The use of sweaters in winter is no doubt. This type of clothing can indeed warm the body. Then what about the Off-shoulder sweater? This item is one of the innovations of ordinary sweaters. Even though the top of the shirt is slightly exposed, you can still feel warm because of the material used. In addition, you can combine with a thick coat or jacket to get out of the room so that you still feel warm.

A black sweater and blue ripped denim pant.
A black sweater, blue jeans, and black suede boots.
A grey off-shoulder sweater and ripped denim pant.
A white off shoulder sweater dress with high suede boot in brown.
A white off-shoulder sweater, black skirt and black boot.
An off-shoulder sweater dress with fur and nude heels.
Ripped jeans in blue, a grey chunky knit off shoulder sweater and ankle boot

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Knitted Vest

Vest is one of the outer most used by men and women. Knitted vest you can wear in the winter to protect your body from the cold. On the other side, you will look stylish because your outfit of the day will look more attractive. This vest can also be combined with other fashion items so you can freely explore your fashion tastes.

Brown long sleeve v-neck t-shirt combined with long black knitted vest.
Plaid shirts looks perfect with long black knit vest.
A turtleneck sweater combined with grey knit vest and the black boots.
A grey knitted vest with turtleneck sweater and a blue denim skirt.
A knitted vest with long sleeve tee are amazing for winter. Combine it with blue jeans and boot to look stylish.

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Winter shoes

Shoes are always important for any season. However, if you choose the wrong shoes in winter it will be a little worrying. Because in this season the road will usually be slippery so you need winter special shoes. You can choose boat shoes or sneakers. This shoe usually has a good design for winter.

A black boot, long brown coat a grey sweater and grey pants.
Black boots, fake fur jacket in brown, turtleneck sweater and short skirt for winter outfit.
White shoes, blue torn jeans, a fur jacket in brown and grey beanie.
White shoes, blue jeans, a pink turtleneck sweater and a pink sling bag to look fashionable.
Black boot, blue jeans, a long grey coat and a black tank top.

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Those are some fashion items that you can wear during this winter. The important thing is that you can keep your body warm and healthy, after that you can think about style. The choice of style must also be in accordance with what you like so that you will be comfortable while wearing it.

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