22 Most Trendy Sweater Dress Outfit Ideas You Need to Wear This Winter

Sometimes we use sweaters to warm the body. But now this sweater has become a fashion icon that can make you look cool. In addition, the sweater has a variety of designs that can make you look stylish and beautiful. Furthermore, sweaters are also easily combined with various types of pants so you don’t need to be confused in matching these items.


An ordinary style can make you look boring. You must dare to be creative with bright colors, whether for tops, pants, skirts, or clothing accessories. Believe it or not, the color of clothes can affect your feelings. So, you should try a brightly colored sweater, so that your days become fun. For example, sweaters that are colorful and tend to have striking colors will make you the center of attention.

Maroon sweater dress with a fur vest and black OTK boots.
The combination of the red turtleneck sweater dress, black leather belt, and squalid black leather boots make you look gorgeous.


Besides black and white, gray is the favorite color on sweaters. Outerwear with this color is still suitable for everyday use. Gray is more comfortable because the color is not too dark and not too bright. So, it’s not hard to match gray sweaters to make a cool outfit. Finally, grey sweater can make your style look more edgy and even girly with the right mix & match.

Grey sweater dress completed with suede black OTK boots.
Grey sweater dress over shirt with black high heels.
Grey sweater dress over shirt with suede ankle boots.
Light grey turtleneck sweater dress and white OTK boots.
Grey sweater dress over shirt with black knee boots.
Dark grey turtleneck sweater dress with knee boots.
Grey sweater dress with a fake fur jacket.


Most women will probably choose a plain and dark patterned sweater. This color sweater can bring out your elegance. Not only that white sweater can also make an exclusive impression. However, if you are a simple person, white is suitable for your personality who wants to appear modest. For example, you can combine white sweaters with jeans or high-boots for the safest choice of style.

A white sweater dress and brown knee boots.
A furry sweater dress is layered under a pastel blue coat combined with black suede boots.
White checkered sweater dress with OTK boots in black.


The color of the clothes chosen is one of the supports so that the appearance looks more fashionable. Sometimes, in order to appear safe and not mistaken for costumes, we tend to choose basic colors like black, white, or gray. Even though there are so many other color choices that can make us look cooler, for example, the color green. The dark green color is a favorite to wear because this color makes you look calmer.

A dark grey sweater dress completed with black suede OTK boots.
Dark green sweater dress over long shirt with black ankle boots.
Green sweater dress with leather knee boot.
Green turtleneck dress and camel OTK boots.


There is no doubt that black is the color most often used in everyday clothing. The plain black sweater can also make you look cool. The black color makes your character more visible. Although the impression is rather gloomy, but the black color is also able to give a cool, elegant, to mysterious appearance.

A black sweater dress with black tights and glossy black leather ankle boots.
Black sweater dress with a black puffer jacket.
Black turtleneck sweater dress with black OTK boots.
Black Sweater dress with a skinny belt and OTK boots.
Navy sweater dress and camel OTK boots.

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Sweaters are items that you must have. Sweaters are timeless items and it is suitable for use in any conditions. Sweaters are available in various colors and models, so it makes it easy for you to choose a sweater design that suits your taste.

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