21 Incredible Boho Chic Winter Wedding Ideas

A wedding is one of the best moments in life. In general, everyone is willing to spend more money and time to make it like a dreamy wedding. Here, wedding in winter seems to be more challenging for some people. Thus, boho chic wedding ideas offers a concept to make a winter wedding more impressive.

Bridal Bouquets

Boho chic wedding ideas are suitable to be one of your references for your winter wedding. Because boho chic wedding ideas bring its simplicity yet elegance, you do not need to spend more effort. These bridal bouquets are examples. Although you want to make your wedding memorable, you do not need to spend much money to make an amazing wedding bouquet. Some white flowers like roses with pine leaves and pine fruits simply become your dreamy wedding bouquet which adds elegance for you.

Roses and some maroon flowers with various kind of leaves make a perfect bridal bouquet for winter wedding ideas.
Some leaves with white flowers are nice to be a bridal bouquet. It is an amazing idea for your wedding this winter.
Pine flowers, pine fruits, and some evergreen make a bridal bouquet simply unique and natural
Several kinds of white flowers combined with pine fruits bring elegance for the bride
Succulent flowers and some pink and red roses become incredible bridal bouquets in winter wedding ideas.
Simple bridal bouquets made of white rose and some pine fruits get your wedding more impressive.

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Bridal Dresses

The bridal dress is one of the focuses in a wedding ceremony. Everyone will pay attention to the detail of it. Thus, boho-chic ideas offer you a simple yet impressive bridal dress. Because in winter the weather is cold, you can opt for the one with long sleeves and cut. Then, to make it more glamour, a backless cut sounds a good idea.

White boho bridal dresses are amazing for an elegant look.
Cream backless wedding dress with leaf pattern will make the bride a more stunning
beautiful backless boho chic wedding dress in white. The long sleeves make it more elegant
The light green boho bridal dress is beautiful and extremely fabulous. The lace makes it so impressive

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Flower Crown

The flower crown is one of the main characteristics of boho-chic wedding ideas in winter. Moreover, the flower crown can represent the beauty of the winter. With an updo hairstyle, the flower crown will make you more beautiful in your best moment. Likewise, a flower crown will also fit those who simply take their hair braided. Add a feather to get a more dramatic flower crown look.

Romantic updo flower crown will make you look beautiful
Flower crown with white feather fits well to those whose hair is long. It makes a perfect boho crown idea
Winter berry crown which is simple yet unique. It makes braid hairstyle more beautiful
A simple leaf crown creates a natural and fresh look for the bride. Some flowers as the complements male it more perfect
Amazing crown made of leaves and white rose which symbolize a whole-hearted love of a bride
Woodland wedding flower crown that looks pretty for your winter wedding ideas.

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High Heels

Your high heels are the next focus of your look. Boho chic wedding idea allows you to choose your best high heels style. Brown boho-chic boots with heels successfully steal anyone’s attention at the wedding party. This idea brings the bride more adorable. In contrast, for those who want to look more feminine, ankle strap high heels and peel toe ankle strap can be the options.

Brown boho heels successfully steal anyone’s attention because of their edgy look.
a pair of flowery high heels in black which is elegant and mesmerizing
Ankle strap boho high heels that are simple but elegant
Zig zag boho high heels that look unique and feminine
Boho high heels that look amazing with some knick-knacks pearls

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Well, there are some descriptions of the things to support your boho chic wedding ideas. Boho chic ideas will make your wedding becomes the most beautiful moment in life especially for you who are fond of simplicity and casual touch. So, consider it as your wedding concept.

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