21 How to Wear Skirts With Sweaters to Keep You Warm

In any activity, sweaters always have the impression of being relaxed, warm and sweet when we wear them. In addition, sweaters become our helpers when we don’t know what to wear for traveling. Generally, sweaters are made of knitting material that can provide warmth during winter. For example, can combine sweaters with various styles and choices to look fashionable and one of them is to combine it with a skirt.

To get a stylish appearance in an instant, you can combine a sweater with the right skirt. The choice of this skirt can be either long or midi skirt or A-line skirt. Moreover, in order to complete your appearance, wear high heels, boots or platform shoes. Then, you also have to be smart in choosing the color of skirts and sweaters so that you look more attractive.

A patterned skirt and a brown oversized sweater.
A black pencil skirt and a red oversized sweater.
A pink skirt and a grey sweater are a great look.
A plaid mini skirt and a navy oversized sweater.
A black pencil skirt and a white sweater are a great look for winter.
A short flared skirt and a grey oversized sweater.
A white checkered skirt and a white oversized sweater.
A white slit skirt and a grey oversized sweater.

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A black knife-pleated mini skirt with a cream oversized sweater.
A black leather knee-length pencil skirt with a white turtleneck sweater.
A black leather mini-skirt with a black sweater and black legging.
A cream sweater with a knife-pleated skirt for a winter outfit.
A front buttoned midi skirt with a slouchy crop sweater.
A light pink knife-pleated midi skirt with a multi-striped sweater.
A flare mini skirt with a comfy brown sweater.
A micro plaid mini skirt with a cream beige sweater.
A ribbed knit maxi skirt with a khaki green sweater.
A burgundy pleated skirt and a grey knit sweater are a great look for winter.
Green oversized sweaters with denim mini skirt.
A turtleneck sweater in grey with silk grey midi skirt.
A black turtleneck sweater that is tucked in a black leather pencil skirt.

The combination of sweaters with your favorite leather skirts will make you look more edgy and charming. The black color combination on the leather skirt is also very appropriate to get a special appearance. Furthermore, the black color can give a feminine impression and you will look slim. For instance, you can perfect your appearance by wearing leopard heels or boots. Besides the use of sweaters can also cause a classic feel of a rebel by combining striped patterned sweater with a black mini skirt.

The combination of sweaters and skirts has been proven to make you look more beautiful. But don’t forget that the main key to this election is the color of the sweater that matches the skirt. Try to choose a neutral or contrast sweater color when using certain patterned skirts. For more inspiration, please check our post above.

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