24 Cute Holiday Nail Art Design Ideas For Winter

What have you prepared for your winter holiday? Thicker outfits? Some accessories? What about having a nail art? The idea of putting artistic touch for your nail becomes an interesting idea to complete your winter holiday. Generally, for women, nails can support their look to be more beautiful. Thus, below we present some examples of nail arts you can adopt to make your winter holiday impressive.


The first idea of cute nail arts you can have is the ones with glitters. As we all know, gutters give luxurious and glamour vibe for everything they stick on to, and either does the nail art. For example, you can choose navy or black nail polish color and decorate it with gold glitters. Also, you may add some accessories to support your looks, like bracelets or silver rings.

A glitter nail art ideas with gold color and combine with black matte to get an elegant look.
A dark purple nail art design with the glitter combination in one of the fingers to get a stunning look.
A navy blue glitter nail art with flower motif and diamond beat accent to beautify your finger.
Applying a little bit glitter in one of your fingers can make your finger looks beautiful in winter. You can combine with black and pink matte colors to perfect the nail art design.

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A good combination of red and glitter nail art design to make your finger looks more beautiful.
Giving silver glitter color for your winter nail art design is suitable to welcome the winter. Combine with red color and snowflake motif to make an attractive look.

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Sensational Snowflakes

Well, the next idea is about considering snowflakes as the motif you could bring into your nail art. Because winter is close to the snow, freezy snowflakes nail art will be the best choice you can try. Besides, this motif allows you to choose the desired nail polish color you love to combine with it. For instance, to get the cute and girly impression, choose soft purple or pinkish nail polish color then add snowflakes motif on it. What a great idea to have!

To get a cute look in winter you can apply purple nail art design with a snowflake motif. Combine with glitter in silver color to get a contrast look.
A black color nail art with a white snowflake motif can make your finger looks cute in winter.
The combination of white and blue colors for winter nail art design is suitable to beautify your finger. Give the snowflake motif to make a cute look.
Apply black matte color for nail art design to get an elegant look. To reinforce the winter season you can add snowflakes motif.
Giving snowflakes motif on the colorful nail art design is beautiful to make a cute look your finger.
To get a calm look in your finger you can use soft color. Give snowflakes motif and colorful glitter to look cute.

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Black Matte

On the other hand, being fashionable in winter does not only deal with your outfits. But, black matte nail arts give you a stylish look as well. Although this color does not glow as glitters, it creates an edgy look for your fingernails. Then, it is possible for you to add glitters or combine them with other colors.

For the sharp look in winter, you can apply black matte nail art design. Combine with soft pink color and diamond beats to look more elegant.
Combine a black matte color with geometric design can give a contrast look to your winter appearance.

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Apply black matte nail art to get the sharp and edgy look. Combine with glitter motif in a triangle shape to get an attractive look.
Combine your black matte nail art design with gold color to give a contrast look and get an elegant look this winter.
To look simple but sharp in winter you can apply black matte nail art design. Keep it simple without pattern or accent to get minimalist and elegant.
Try out floral nail art design on black matte color to get a cute look. Give a little touch of diamond beat to look beautiful.

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Candy Cane

Moreover, bring your Christmas vibe to your nail art by having a candy cane motif. With dominant two colors, white and red, there is hundreds of idea of bringing candy cane motif to your nail art. Additionally, this idea will make you feel confident and excited to spend your winter holiday.

For festive look this winter you can apply a candy cane motif on your finger. With red and white colors can beautify your fingers.

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Give red color to your finger to look festive this winter. Combine with stripes of the candy cane to get a cute look.

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Applying a candy cane stripes motif for your nail art design can make an attractive look in your finger. Combine with red and white colors for the perfect look.

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You can beautify your finger by using candy cane stripes motif nail art design. This nail art design is suitable to welcome the holiday in winter.

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Festive your finger with candy cane motif nail art design. Apply to your nails for more stand out appearance in winter.

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Since there are some beautiful yet cute nail art to try, you can choose the one you love the most. Furthermore, get a memorable holiday this winter by upgrade your performance by applying cute nail arts. With some motifs like floral, stripes, polka dots, and geometric your nail art will make anyone get amazed. So, get inspired by looking at the gallery above.

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