20 Latest Winter Nail Art Designs That Will Melt Your Heart

As it is known that to make perfect your nail is such an important thing to get the best look. It is because when talking about the best appearance, it won’t only about the outfit and the accessories. So that here, make sure that you don’t let your nails look pale and untouched. In hence, in case the season is going to winter, then there are some nail art ideas that you can apply.


Glitter is something commonly used to add to your nail when doing any nail art design. Moreover, you can also utilize the glitter to strengthen the winter impression. Especially when you use the white or silver glitter color as it will look like the snow.

Matte orange nail polish attached with white sparkling glitter.
Pink nail polish attached with silver glitter. The middle finger here designed to have the stripe to make it look prettier.
Bright pink nail polish with colorful effect glitter fo all part of the nails.
This Tosca nail polish in the shining effect looks even more luxurious with the glitter in the top part of the nail.
Your nude nail color can have its festive look by applying the gold, silver, and black effect glitter.
Here, the glitter applies to the nails with some different shapes. The gold glitter color looks glorious attached to white nail polish.
The silver nail polish applied to the whole part of the nail for the two fingers. Then, not to make it looks too crowded, you can apply the glitter simply into the stripe.

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Short Ombre

Ombre nail art is the other nail ideas that you can apply this winter. Even more, you can keep using the design into any season since it is really flexible. In hence, related to the color choices, here you can apply some winter colors. Let’s say blue, white, and grey. Then, not to make it looks boring, you can apply it with some different additional nail polish colors.

This short nail looks really pretty and awesome with some different colors applied with ombre technique.

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The grey and white nail polish colors here seem to have the winter impression. It is because those two colors are really the color of winter.

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The white nail polish color here combined with pink to make your nails look cute and chic.
This short ombre nail art looks even more adorable. It looks like you have the night sky into your nails.
This white short nail art design attached with a light blue color with an ombre technique to create such a soft and peaceful impression.

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This time the white color combined with dark blue color that applied as if it is the glitter.
There are three nail polish colors that applied to create the ombre effect in this design. Even though the design looks too chic but it still has the winter impression with blue and Tosca colors.

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Nude Color

Nude can also be used as your winter outfit and even for any season. Here, not to make it looks boring then you should add your nail polish with the ornament or by applying a certain pattern. It is important because the nude color and the short nail style will have a boring impression if you don’t decorate it.

This nude short color applied with small bead diamonds. Here, your nude nail polish will have a luxurious look immediately.
Grey nude nail polish color added with a white floral pattern to create a pretty look.
The gold glitter nail polish looks really harmonious combined with grey nude nail polish.
This nail art design might have the most crowded look with a certain different patterns. But it still worthy since it applied to the nude nail polish color.
The gold shining pattern color might not be exposed well with the grey nude color, but it still worthy. It is because of the shining effect that comes from the gold color.
The small diamond attached to the nail effectively brings out the luxury. Then, the silver glitter gives the winter impression for your nail theme design.

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At last, since there are so many choices of the nail art design that you can adapt this winter, then just simply choose the right one. Here, you should adjust it with your nail shape is it short, long, or any other one. Then, you might also have to consider the design with the event that you will attend. In hence, whatever the design that you choose, you’ll look great if you can make it in harmony with any aspects of your look.

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