20 Cute Plus Size Winter Outfits Ideas to Wear Everyday

Although the plus size clothing collection is not as wide as the normal size, there are still so much clothing available. Here, the plus-size clothing also has the collection for each season which is awesome. Related with the winter season, you can have some outfits that will protect your body from the cold temperature. Even more, the clothing will make you look cute and adorable than just comfort.

Knit Cardigan

Having the plus-size body sometimes give you a chance to wear not too thick clothing in cold temperature. Although you have to wear the thick one at a certain moment you won’t need it as much as the thin one. Here, the knit cardigan is one of those clothes that you can choose for your winter outfit.

Purple and white ombre cardigan which is really cute with its colors combination.
Dark green knit cardigan that given with floral motif to make it has the cute impression.
Simple grey knit sweater that will fit you a lot in case you love basic color and simplicity.
This plain beige cardigan color will be the other choice for you who love wearing basics.
Although this cardigan doesn’t have the real motif, it has a pattern that can bring out its uniqueness.

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Black Leggings

Leggings will be really functional if you don’t like to wear something too thick. It is because for the plus size women, wearing something thick will give them trouble in moving. So that here, leggings will be the best choice for you the plus size women. Moreover, black can be the best choice for you because this color can give a slimmer effect which is good for you.

Black legging that combined with the pink nuance top wear.
This one is really harmonious with the black and grey top-wear and grey ankle boots.
You can even pair your black leggings with the patterned dress. It even looks more to stand out and awesome.
The dress with Boho style is made in black and white colors which is really harmonious and matching with the black legging.
This black floral not only has a cute look but also a fierce impression at the same time.

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Although you might don’t need the thick layering clothes, to prepare the proper coat will be important too. In case the temperature is uncontrolled, then you can wear your coat. There are some coat choices that you can choose for your winter collection. Go check out the following references.

Plain green coat combined with black patterned trousers can really give you the best pairing. Especially with the floral pattern which is pretty.
This beige long coat can match well with blue jeans. Then, to give you the comfort you can wear flats.
This one is the wrap coat which is quite easy to wear. It is because you don’t need to button it up and simply tied it.
Light brown seems to be really warm to wear this winter. Since brown is the neutral color, then you can pair it with clothing that you have.

image source

For a more stand outlook, you can have this animal print coat pattern. Not to make your look too much, combine it with white and black clothing.

image source

High Boots

It can’t be doubted that high boots will be your savior to protect your leg during winter. Especially when you love to wear shorts where you need to wear something to warm up your leg. Here, for the plus size women, there is some high boots style that you can wear as follows.

This brown high boot look really trendy and fashionable with the front part of the boots which is higher.

image source

For the cute and stand outlook, you can have this rede boots that can be combined with any neutral color outfit.
To make your leg looks taller, you can wear these high heel boots. Here, in black color, you can even look thinner.
This one is the other example of how you can wear your black high boots. By combining it with the beige layering and yellow scarf, you can create a really cute look.
These brown boots look really harmonious with the brown cardigan and handbag. You can adapt to how this harmonious look created.

image source

Those four things are the basic things that you can consider when you are the plus size women. During winter, you can prepare your cardigan, leggings, coat and high boots to keep you warm. Then, for the styling, you can adapt the mix and match from the picture references above.

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