20 Women Street Style Outfit Ideas to Steal This Winter

Basically there are some main things that you can do to create your street style. Related to the winter then the there will be some aspects that you should change. Anyway, it won’t be about the kinds of the things that you should wear but on the style and material. It is important because in winter you should considering on the weather well so that you won’t get cold. You know that there is nothing more important than keeping your stay warm.


Considering on the footwear, it is a must for you to have the warm one. In this case, you might only think of the boots, but for your street style you can have sneakers. In some cases like when the snow is falling, sneakers won’t be good. However, if the weather is quite good and the snow is not falling, then have a walk with your sneakers seems cool.

Since neutral clothing will match well with the neutral footwear, then this white sneakers can be the right choice.

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The long outer in grey color can be really awesome combined with white sneakers. Here, it fits well for the modern look.
The combination between white and silver color in this sneakers is really awesome. Since this sneakers has a wedge, then it is quite proper to create chic impression.
You might familiar with this kind of sneakers. It is quite common with its blue color to create the casual look.
This white sneakers combined with white shirt and grey cardigan which is really casual and matching.

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Plaid Overcoat

Due to your need in keeping your body warm in winter, the overcoat can be the right choice. Especially when you choose to wear sneakers than the boots. For the needs in having the fashionable one, you can choose plaid as the pattern of your coat. Beside for its casual and modern touch, plaid can be a really easy yet fashionable choice for your winter street style.

This black and grey plaid overcoat is really awesome to create modern look. Not only for the color but also the pattern.

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If you want to have the Christmas coat at once for your winter coat, then this one is the right choice. The red and white color can really represent the Christmas impression.
Since green and red are the colors that represent the Christmas, you can pick this coat. It will be really effective to have your Christmas and winter coat at once.
If you love to look stand out, then this bright red coat is the great one. Especially with the silver glittery skirt that will strengthen your stand out look.

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Long Cardigan

Anyway, some of you might do not feel comfort with the coat. Not only because of the heavy reason, coat will be more take space when being packed. To overcome that problem, you can change the coat into the cardigan. Here, to make sure that you get the warm, you can choose the long cardigan. The following pictures will show you on how the cardigan works as the winter outfit.

This long grey cardigan is really match with this casual look. The ripped jeans is the indication of the casual style.
If you take concern on the sweater, you’ll see that this sweater has different style which is really unique. Even more, this sweater has the Korean style with its random unique cut.
For you who like the simple clothing, then this cardigan will match for you. It is because the color, style, and cut are really simple yet trendy.
This long brown cardigan is really effective to create the warm impression. It is because brown as the neutral and natural color has that kind of impression.
The sleeve in this cardigan is not fully long. However, since the material is quite thick then it is still really worthy.
Although has the thin fabric material, but it still worthy to wear for your winter outfit because the size is really long.

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Head Wear

Due to your needs in protecting your head in winter, head wear will be the important one. Even more, it could be something that you must wear not only because of the accessories need but also for the warmth. Basically there are some head wear ideas that you can wear. Whatever it is, adjust it with the weather and temperature.

The color combination between the hat and coat is really harmonious. Even more for the style brought which is really casual from all aspects.
Related with the material and style, this head wear is quite proper. It has the warm fabric material. Moreover, it also cover half of the ear that can keep you warm.
Talking about the style, this one is really fit as it covers your head and ear. However, the material is quite thin as it might not that warm.
Beside for its warm material, this head wear covers you part head well which is really worthy.

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This design is not as warm as the previous head wear but it still worthy because of the material.

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For your street style, basically you can choose on the layering clothes that we have served. In choosing the right layering, you can adjust it based on the temperature at the moment and the look that you want to create. Then for the foot wear we advice you to wear sneakers as it won’t fail you to create the street style. At last, for the head wear, don’t forget to adjust whether for the material and style so that you can always get the proper one.

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